The Best Places To Visit Around The World

Tunisia- The Desert Crown Head

North African country Tunisia that is neighboring by the Mediterranean Sea and the Boundless Sahara Desert. This desert queen authoritatively entitled to the Republic of Tunisia. Tunis- is the capital of Tunisia is the main city in the republic. Tunisia positioned in the Maghreb area of North Africa.

Tons of travelers traveled to Tunisia every single year. Most of them come to see especially Tunis and the ancient ruins of Carthage. The great Archeological Bardo Museum that is famous for the Roman mosaics to Islamic art-culture- is the topmost consideration for the travelers. Tunis, one of the important Cosmopolitan cities in the world attracts voyagers also for its people’s friendly behavior.

Tunisia also appeals to the trip-makers for the reason of its budget-friendly luxuries. Tons of luxury resorts, hotels, and motels that make Tunisia one of the world’s best places to visit. Muslim and Jewish quarter Jerba makes a very positive vibe for the voyagers who are looking for something ancient with special.

Most of the resorts, that are also very affordable lies on the coast-area makes Tunisia clearly distinguished from another country of Africa. Yet, not all the areas of Tunisia safe for travelers. Entire the North including the capital Tunis is considered a safe zone, while the south along with the western part reflected a little bit dangerous due to terrorists and the military action.

But, above the statement does not reflect the Tunisian beauty that you may be greed to enjoy. Instead, “Tunisia is well known for its Sunny weather, Golden beaches, and the most inexpensive luxuries”- as stated in The New York Times. Therefore, why not give it a try to enjoy natural beauty?

Subsequently, you can not avoid the traditional cultural show from the Tunis people, which is in a single word just amazing! Eventually, like many other Meterranian countries, Tunisian foods also greatly centered on Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Spices and some delicious tongue-tasty Sea-foods with meat.  

Tunisia is full of various kinds of Birds, Animals, Plants with other forms of wide life. On one hand, there are tons of dangerous snaks, Cobra, Viper, for instance, inhabit Tunisia. On the other hand, if you are looking for something adventurous for you, it makes sense, indeed!

All the pleasure- oceanic to the rough with mountain involvement you will be empowered to while traveling here. Especially I suggest you not to miss the great Saharan safari.

Thank You Very Much.

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