Bangladesh- A Place Of Natural Beauty

Bangladesh, such a place full of natural beauty. That is the reason behind while talking about the world’s best places to visitit derives the principal in concentration. Indeed, Bangladesh- a place of natural beauty as considered by most of the travelers of the world.

Cox’s Bazar

It is a very small South-Asian country with only 1,47,570 sq km. It has the longest sandy sea-beach in the world lies 120 kilometers, unbrokenly. All the coastal amusement is available here at very reasonable prices.

This tremendous feature attracts tons of tourists every single year. In light of the fact, this is the most important tourist spot in the country. It got various kinds of voyagers almost from all the corners of the world.


You may also wish to see the Sundarbans- the biggest mangrove forest in the world. It also one of the most important world’s heritage announced by UNESCO in 1997.

Here you can see the world-renowned Royal Bengal Tiger, lots of beautiful deers, numerous birds. In addition to that, there are in the Sundarbans, live many poisonous snacks, the crocodile in the river that flowing within the forest. All the things are very picturesque that can make your outing sensible.

Dhaka- The Capital

Subsequently, the capital Dhaka is a megacity, yet it a little bit overloaded with the population. All the people are very friendly with foreigners. It also one of the cheapest travel destinations all over the world.

Consequently, if you want to see some historical places with the world’s heritage, Dhaka will never let you down. The Lalbagh fort, Ahsan Manjil Museum, Sonargaoun- the ancient capital of Bengal, for instance, is a great attraction for the tourists.

Tea-State Of The Eastern Part

On the other pointer, if you have a little bit more time, don’t dare to forget to have experience with the tea-state situated in the Eastern part of Bangladesh. It is called the god-gifted natural- beauty area of Bangladesh.


And, if you like to experience the hill-tracking, go to the Chittagong, Bandarban, Rangamati, and Khagrachchori- the hill-tracts of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar- the longest sea-beach, is an only 2-hour drive from the Chittagong that located at the Teknaf peninsula.


When it is come with food, you may have the most tongue-tasty food here that you ever had. There are tons of street foods in the capital Dhaka you can make a taste. Besides this, Bangladeshi traditional foods also very popular among all the tourists who came here.


Now let’s talk about the lodging. It is just as cheap as you ever thought. You will be able to stay at a well-crafted hotel that facilities you almost by all the amenities at just only a few dollars. And, surely that not will make you break the bank.

In conclusion it is to say that if you decided to make your outing with a quite and peaceful within the natural beauty, Bangladesh is unquestionably the right choice for you. All the things that make Bangladesh a place of natural beauty in the world.

Thank You Very Much.

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